Alzheimer’s Care and Rehab Center in Winchester, VA

Journey at Evergreen Health & Rehab is a 26-bed, secured, Alzheimer’s care unit alternative to traditional long-term residential care, providing round-the-clock care and specialized programming for people from Winchester, VA suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other memory challenges.

Residents are given the opportunity to participate in daily activities such as games, crafts, birthday parties, movies, church services, bible study, outdoor walks, pet visits and gardening. In addition, special functions such as family get-togethers, holiday gatherings and other meaningful activities based on familiar interests help promote social relationships and a sense of well-being.

Evergreen Health & Rehab administrator Ramona Ringstaff states, “We want to provide an experience that makes our residents feel like they did in their own homes. We help to preserve our residents’ precious memories while offering a long-term care solution they and their families will feel good about.”

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